*slam dunks insecurity in the garbage* im great

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I’m helping my parents look for a bigger house to rent and all these people don’t even know how to make a decent listing. Like, they didn’t even finish middle school.

"Yes, hi, um I saw your listing and the instagram filter of the house made me really want to rent it out! I gotta know how a house looks with instagram filters all over it before I live in it you know, wouldn’t want to have bad juju and all that! I gotta have a totes hipster vibe around me at all times."
(I’m serious someone stacked filters all over all their photos of the house and inside photos it’s not even funny but that’s what makes it funny. The rest of the listing is totally serious though HAHA how)

Another one is just an absolutely perfect house and has everything my parents need and more BUT the very end of the listing says “House comes with two cats that don’t live there but they come and go in the pet door. No other pets allowed.”

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doodle warm up on my lunch break

doodle warm up on my lunch break


officer i was not resisting arrest i was just being tsundere

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