I just finished my Mako seifuku and it is in desperate need of a good ironing (especially the pleats ugh) so I go over to the closet where I keep my iron & board and well. A big spider made it’s home right in the corner of the wall and the door.

Open the door and collapse the spider home while simultaneously releasing the spider’s anger onto me?

Nah bro

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At the art store I work at (in which I put in my quitting notice a couple weeks ago to prepare for Japan/school in Japan) lately, my manager has been (teasingly) trying to deter me from going so he can get me to stay haha!
It started with him mentioning that he read an article that the best place to live on earth is Salt Lake City and I was bewildered like “What? No way! Where did you even read that?!” and he goes “the worst place to live is JAPAN”
so from then on I knew he was bullshitting me on everything LOL
He made a huge poster that covered the entire upper portion of the back office with an anime girl on it with a word bubble saying “Japan smells like poop!” (poop is kind of an inside joke…ish?) and the next day he wrote an entire article—let me rephrase that. He researched and then wrote an entire article about how one of the islands in Japan has crazy volcanic activity going on (for realsies) but made it a huge point that giant lava rocks will hit us right on our heads and lava will make our socks go on fire so we will have no choice but to run into the ocean and get attacked by mean sharks and mutated clams so moving to Japan is a reely (yes, ‘reely’) bad time right now. he constantly mentions how Japan has godzilla and I shoudln’t move there cause I would get decimated (to whcih I replied that they also have magical girls and Sailor Moon so I don’t need to worry, they’ll protect me in the name of the moon) he also says the new law is no one is allowed to wear shoes and they have covered their streets with broken glass (to which I said ‘now is the time when my stepping on lego training shall be put into use!’)

But the past week I’ve been pretty distraught and upset over my cat (I don’t want to get into it now) though I had to work so I couldn’t be a sad sack at home. I was pretty sure I upkept my ‘retail voice’ and silly attitude but I think even he noticed something? He didn’t ask about it but he changed the stories to “Did you know that now bushes and trees are made of candy in Japan? It’s a free for all buffet!” “did you know that everytime you get a good fortune in a fortune cookie in Japan, it comes true the next day? and if you get a bad fortune it happens to the person you hate!” (LOL literally, I’m not even joking, he said these things haha)
So either he’s trying to be happy about me leaving orrrr he noticed I wasn’t myself somehow and tried to cheer me up…

so pretty much that was my day and I am now at the second job/lunch break and about to watch Haikyuu!! to try and up my mood a little more.

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#ootd I guess

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I never even got to pet her goodbye.

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"It’s getting really hot in here maybe I should open the window to let the"

this is so corny I think I wanna cry…


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