Ayyyyyyyyyyyy I’m going to be at Nan Desu Kan starting tomorrow so if you see me you should say hi! Actually that’s not a grand idea as I just came down with a light cold so maybe wave at me from afar…

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Uhhh so I’m doing a sheet mask while at work. LOL. Either I have sunk to a new low or I just don’t really care anymore.

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I’ll probably end up doing a giveaway on the Shonen Jump mags, and sneak some of the doubles in with any (shonen jump) manga that get purchased! I have a ton of anime/shonen jump posters from over the years so I’ll add them in to the giveaway as well! I want to get some more sustenance for the giveaway and I have a few limited edition Pokemon products from the Pokemon Center from my visit in Tokyo last year so I’ll probably throw those in as well! 

I’m going to catch up on my sleep for this week, and plan it out a bit better before I start it but… putting my thoughts down on my blog helps me think. Haha. I don’t know. 

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Yo! So now that I have a moment to breathe and go through some of my things, I’ve decided to sell a small part of my manga section! I’ll be moving around a lot soon and have some bigger plans in the future that I’ll need to get rid of a lot of heavyweight. Planes don’t take too kindly to 3 bookcases full of manga… (>_>)

It’ll help a lot with travel costs, and I thought there would be some good interest here so I’m making a post here for them! Looking for loving homes or collectors! 
I think asking $4-7 (depending on original price/brand and condition) is pretty fair!(?) And if you buy multiples I can give you a good deal!
(bolded are still available!)

The comics are brand new (Witchblade and the Two Sisters), Uglies & Daniel X are brand new
Pretty Face vol 1 and Honey Chocolate are in new condition (also I have a huge section of my BL that I’m trying to get rid of, send me an ask if you’re interested in photos)

Volumes 1-5 of Yotsuba! in loved condition, Claymore volume 1 in fine condition (almost new), Highschool of the dead vol 1-3 in brand new condition, .Hack// Legend of the Twilight printed by Tokyopop vol 1-3 in fine-loved condition, Vampire Knight vol 1-3 in new condition, Ouran High School Host club vol 1-2 well loved and vol 10-11 brand new, Alice in the country of hearts vol 5 brand new, OUT OF PRINT MANGA Kedamono Damono vol 2-3 well loved, The Lizard Prince vol 2 fine condition, Orphen Vol 1-2 well loved, Mars vol 1 fine-well loved, and a Japanese shoujo manga IDOL in brand new condition with a sleeve!
Manga not pictured- Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~ (girl’s love/yuri) vol 1 brand new, Toriko vol 1 new, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase vol 1 EXTREMELY WELL LOVED— Has a noticeable crease on halfway the front so this manga is $2, Elemental Gelade vol 1 fine, K-ON manga vol 1 brand new, Spice & Wolf vol 1-2 brand new, Shaman King vol 1 fine, Psycho Busters vol 3 novel brand new, BL LIST  Shy Intensions by Syouko Takaku fine-loved condition comes with sleeve, Love Recipe by kirico higashizato vol 1-2 loved and new conditions comes with sleeves, After I Win by Kaname Itsuki well loved comes with sleeve/sleeve has a 2 inch rip on the spine, Necratoholic by Maguro Wasabi fine-loved comes with sleeve, Love Potion by Sakuya Fujii new, Great Place High School vol 2 by Naduki Koujima new, YAOI PRESS MANGA if you buy three or more BL manga I will send you a free volume or two of my YP manga while they last. I have the titles Treasure by Studio Kawaii, Zesty! vol 1-2 by Margot Redding & Studio Kosaru, and Surge by Kyle Green.

Send me an ask if you’re interested! We can haggle pricing and shipping quotes! I’m accepting payment in USD through PayPal only. 

As for the conditions of the manga, I put a varying difference of descriptors to try to help picture how worn they might be. But everyone views a book’s ‘worn-ness’ differently so I’ll describe a key here!
Brand new means what it says. Still has the brand new shine/gloss of a newly bought book, probably bought it within the last few months or never touched it.
New means it’s in ‘brand new condition’ but it has probably been in my collection for a while longer or hasn’t been lent out to anyone. The spine will be in perfect condition and no dented edges or minuscule creases.
Fine condition might have a few small dents or maybe the edge of a corner has a tiny crease but otherwise in very good condition and the spine is in great shape!
Well Loved condition may have the appearance of yellowed/cream coloured pages and appearance of tiny creases in the corner or dents could be visual. Probably had it for 6+ years LOL

I take extremely good care of my manga/books but I rated them based on my pickiness haha…! 

Anyways… Send me an ask for prices, more photos, questions, haggles, bundles, tmi Tuesday, evil plots, you know the drill!

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I either want to sell my precious Shonen Jump & Yen+ Mags for $3 each or maybe I should host a giveaway??? I have lots of manga I’m getting rid of too… What do you think?

I have shonen jump magazines dating back to 2003 LOL when they were still running the original Yugi-Oh! monthly haha!

I’ll be moving around a lot pretty soon so I can’t keep all these. And I have a bookcase full of manga I’m pretty much done with… So if you guys are interested, let me know! Should I try selling them, or a giveaway?

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