I either want to sell my precious Shonen Jump & Yen+ Mags for $3 each or maybe I should host a giveaway??? I have lots of manga I’m getting rid of too… What do you think?

I have shonen jump magazines dating back to 2003 LOL when they were still running the original Yugi-Oh! monthly haha!

I’ll be moving around a lot pretty soon so I can’t keep all these. And I have a bookcase full of manga I’m pretty much done with… So if you guys are interested, let me know! Should I try selling them, or a giveaway?

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Hahahaha so I’m wearing a tank top with low armpit holes (kind of muscle-tanky??/?) so you can see some of my bra band. I was telling my mom I was going to find one of those cute bandeux things to wear with it and she goes “Why don’t you cover up!” so I look her dead in the eyes and pull the holes down to my belly button and go “NO!” and she just laughed at me hahahaha and then we laughed at each other haha

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I just realized I bought the wrong colour fabric for the lining. //SCREAM

I cut my Gakuran a little shorter than I’d like and I bought the very end of the bolt (a pricier bolt than I’d like) so there’s no going back. I know I definitely want to re-make it, but it’s going well so far so I’m just going to finish it and see how it turns out. No mistakes means no learning I guess. It’ll be sure to get the second one ever better!

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I just finished my Mako seifuku and it is in desperate need of a good ironing (especially the pleats ugh) so I go over to the closet where I keep my iron & board and well. A big spider made it’s home right in the corner of the wall and the door.

Open the door and collapse the spider home while simultaneously releasing the spider’s anger onto me?

Nah bro

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